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Home Buyer Seminar in Castro Valley!

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Our New Office Grand Opening on Saturday June 28th!

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Free Admission! Visit our new Realty World Neighbors office while you’re here!


10:00 am: Official hayward Area Historical Society Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with In Lak’ech

11:00 am – 4:00 pm: Kids activities, Smoothie Bike, Cultural Performances and Music

11:00 am: The Heart of the Bay – history play

12:30pm: Lecture about Guillermo Castro’s Rancho San Lorenzo

2:00 pm: Historic Fashion Show

3:30 pm: The Heart of the Bay – history play

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm: Concert with Billy London and the Lucky Dice

The Exhibit Galleries and Children’s Gallery will open after the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and close at 6:00 pm.

Are you hot enough to live here?

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18977 Thornbury Avenue, Castro Valley–For Sale

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Who Invaded our Home in 2013?

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Piglet Tore Up the FloorThe year 2013 started off with my stepson Taylor visiting from Atlanta for the weekend. The first thing he said when he walked into our house was, “There’s no life in this place. You need a dog!”

We responded by visiting the animal shelter with him the next day. A quiet little white and pink pit bull terrier gently crawled into Taylor’s lap, curled up and laid there, as if it was his very own lap-bed. The little guy manipulated us into adopting him! We named him Piglet, after a lot of negotiation with my husband about giving him such a name.

Piglet helped get us started with our home improvement projects for the year. He started by going spider-hunting and tearing up the white linoleum that my husband hated because he always felt compelled to clean it. I deliberately chose that floor because I like walking around barefoot and wanted to know when it was too dirty to do so. Piglet fixed that for us and we now have beautiful tile. It is NOT white and my husband Greg still feels the constant compulsion to make sure it gets cleaned.

We also had roofers, solar installers, electricians, landscapers, and installed a new stove and exhaust fan in the kitchen. The exhaust fan was installed after more husband-and-wife negotiations about putting in a microwave vs. exhaust. The wifey won again. CLICK HERE for a photo of this accomplishment.

The caveman of the house also did some patching & painting, which came as a surprise to me the talent he has. I am a lucky woman!

This year has some interesting things in store for us, including more home improvements to be completed in time for a wedding reception we’re hosting for good friends of ours.
We’ll keep you posted as the improvements take place this year. Happy 2014!


Photography by Pam Esau on display through December 2013


photo (1)


Photographer Pam Esau is a long time Hayward resident and retired from Cal State East Bay after spending many years in Accounting. After retiring she started working with shelter dogs and has been a volunteer at Hayward Animal Services for eight years. Photography has been her passion since she was thirteen and decided to encompass her love of animals and photography together.

She has found, when allowed, that shelter dogs tell a story with their eyes if we just pay attention. When some of them have to go to the big dog park in the sky, she photographs them to solidify their existence. They mattered and at least at the shelter were loved unconditionally.

She thanks you all for your willingness to support these amazing dogs.


Pam Esau’s photography is being displayed through December 2013 in honor of SantaCon Hayward 2013, a fundraiser in support of the Hayward Animal Shelter.

Available Soon! Shapell Home in San Leandro’s Washington Square

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This 2000+ sq ft Shapell home will be available soon!

Stay tuned for details…

For more information about the City of San Leandro, CLICK HERE.

For more information about San Leandro schools, CLICK HERE.

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Real Estate: The Beauty Makes the Beast More Attractive

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"Ultramodel Paulina Porizkova #1"

Recently in jest, I posted a line on Facebook about how amazed I am that pretty ladies often end up with goofy-looking guys. Let’s be honest. When you see this, don’t you wonder what makes the guy so special?

Take Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova, for example. Anyone in my generation know who they are?

You’re probably wondering what this whole concept of having a beautiful woman on the arm of a goofy-guy has to do with real estate.

Imagine an ugly house. A REALLY ugly house. Then imagine a BEAUTIFUL house. A REALLY BEAUTIFUL house.

Now ask this question: Does the ugly house make the beautiful house look worse or does the beautiful house make the ugly house more tolerable?

A recent article in the New York Times goes into the effect that a down-trodden property has on a whole neighborhood. All it takes is one lousy-looking house to drag down the entire neighborhood’s image. Similarly, a too-beautiful house makes you wonder what the heck the homeowners were thinking when they over-improved a home surrounded by a sea of ugly ducklings.

Hopefully reading this post will motivate you to clean up your yards, trim the trees, pick up the dog poop left behind by yours or someone else’s canine, clear off the neighborhood juvenile’s WASH ME imprint on your car’s windows, etc. Getting involved in your neighborhood association helps too and so does knowing what the local ordinances are that help protect you from being the bad guy when neighbors need to be pushed to clean up their act.

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…Because We Have All Our Teeth! (Not Yet on the Market)

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26840 Peterman Ave., Hayward
(Southgate neighborhood)

Yesterday I answered a phone call and at first, I wondered if the man calling was a savvy bill collector trying to get me to admit that I am the Anna May he found on the internet.

My first thought was, “I’m happily married now” and “I don’t owe anybody any money!” and “No thanks, I’m not interested in saving your tiki-torch fire ant in Zambanini”.

Then I heard a hearty laugh from the caller and I relaxed. Turned out he’s an agent from Washington state in search of a REALTOR  to list his family‘s home for sale and the family wanted it done immediately. Despite my comfort and easy feeling about the caller, I’m still just a girl. So, I decided to make sure my big bad husband Greg was with me for the first meeting at the property yesterday afternoon.

When we arrived, we met a very warm family who had just experienced the loss of their near 90-year old father. I asked why the family contacted us out of all the agents they could have chosen. “We called you because of your website and from your photos it looks like you had all your teeth.”

Despite the wonderful sense of humor the family has, they are in mourning and will be clearing out the contents of the home where they grew up this weekend. Please be sensitive and do not disturb them.

The home is located in Hayward’s Southgate neighborhood where I grew up and went through an awkward puberty. The address is 26840 Peterman Avenue. Our official Open House treats from Sugar Bowl Bakery will be offered during the Open House times:

Wednesday January 30, 2013 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Saturday February 2nd, 2012 from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Please join us!

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Road Trip Day Two: Chico, CA to Bend, Oregon

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Bend, Oregon! The only other time I’ve heard Bend referenced was when we had discussions about the Hayward Air Rally ending up in Bend! After we tried calling several spas for a couples massage necessitated by a long, butt-numbing road trip, we gave up on the and decided to stuff our faces instead.

One thing I noticed that Bend had in common with Chico was its monochromatic nature, so we decided to somewhat make up for it by having dinner at a place called “Boken”, which I joked was “ho-boken” without the “ho”. It was an Asian restaurant, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My trepidations were akin to avoiding “fresh seafood” dishes when ordering in a  dusty desert diner. We arrived and what we found was a trendy, open-kitchened place where it was obvious that snazzy cocktails and beautiful people hung out.

We (or rather, I) ordered Lobster Gyoza with Miso Butter Sauce, Lumpia Shanghai with Prawn and Pork and Sweet Chili Sauce (though we couldn’t taste the prawn) and Thai Beef Salad with whatever “Nam Jim” is. My husband the Tofu-Eater ordered the Pan Seared Tofu with Korean Chili, Scallions, Soy & Garlic.

Unfortunately, the Korean Chili from the tofu (yiek!) killed his taste buds and he couldn’t taste or enjoy the rest of the food. That was fine by me — less for him, more for me! Save for the tofu, the food was absolutely superb!