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Hayward Neighborhood Alert on September 24th!

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Yet another Historic Prospect Hill home sold!

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Prospect Realty World Neighbors’ Anna May, Greg Jones and Associate Simon Wong helped negotiate the purchase of this Historic Prospect Hill home!

This neighborhood has a very active neighborhood association that helps keep up the quality of life for its residents. This 1438 square foot home built in 1920 recently sold for $525,000.

Our agents actively promote the Prospect Hill neighborhood. CLICK HERE for an article written by Simon Wong quoting Anna May and mentioning Greg Jones who are both Prospect Hill residents. Anna May currently serves as the neighborhood association president; Greg Jones is a past President.


Median Prices–Castro Valley

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Schools, schools, schools.  The pressure on housing in communities with a strong school system and high performing schools is heating up again as the market also heats up.  Castro Valley has enjoyed the highest 12 month increase in median prices in the area.  Median prices in February 2012 were $379,000.   What do you think median prices in February 2013 were?

1.  $468,000

2.  $522,500

3.  $495,000

4.  $504,000



You guessed it!  The median price in February was $522,500, up nearly 38% over the 12 month period.  We will provide March to March data soon, but you can certainly see the trend.  And congratulations to Castro Valley schools in helping your community’s property values stay strong!

Where Have All the Houses Gone?

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It is a tough market for buyers…who would have thought.  We are seeing 10-20 offers on every property listing, almost always over asking price and often cash buyers.  Hang in there buyers, there is just the house out there for you, but be patient.

Greg Jones Awarded PMN Designation

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(Not to be confused with PMS!)

In the News Again…

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Front-Page Blurb and Centerfold Article!

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Smart People Know When to Invest

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Despite the lamentations about the economy, there are still people investing in our communities! Let’s make sure to support the folks who are putting their life savings into opening up a business…

Greg Jones Moderates Panel of Police Chiefs

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Saturday’s News and My Quotes

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Well, they did get my name wrong in the article!

Another comment I heard this week about this write-up is a reminder that Cherryland is not actually in the City limits. It’s in the “unincorporated” part, not in the City of Hayward.

Also, starter homes can be purchased for less than $300,000 in many Hayward neighborhoods.