Best Motivation to Clean the House: Invite People Over for Dinner!

All of us need motivation to do different things in life.
For me, I am motivated when I know that people are relying on me…AND when I know people will be in my house!
So every once in a while I throw a little dinner “get-together”. I rarely call it a party because usually, whomever I talk with that week that I like, I’ll invite over. Sometimes I’ve even gone so far as to donate to different local fundraisers a “Dinner for Six at Councilwoman Anna May’s Prospect Hill Home”. My caveat on this donation is that the food served depends on the bid. (smile)
What motivates YOU to clean up your house?

As a REALTOR Eyeing My Local School Board

Last week I made public my decision not to run for re-election to the Hayward City Council and focus on the November school board election instead.
Schools are ever so important to the vitality and success of our communities, both in terms of educating our children and preparing them for their futures. Schools are also of utmost importance in helping neighborhoods come together to keep our communities safe and desirable for families who choose to live there.
How is this related to real estate?
Real estate values are largely driven by the quality of the schools. Families are willing to pay more for a home to live in a reputable school district rather than pay less for a home and send their children to private schools.
Two news articles referencing my decision to explore running for Hayward school board can be found here: and here: