Frustrated With My Loan Mod Pursuit!

(9/30/2010) Latest Update: A few days after I posted the info below, I get a letter from Bank of America stating that my loan modification for a  “Home Affordable Modification” had been denied because:
“We service your loan on behalf of an investor or group of investors that has not given us the contractual authority to modify your loan under the Home Affordable Modification Program.”
Translation: “You’re still making your payments on time every month, so we’re not going to help you. We’re still gettin’ your money!
(So, I’m thinking they’ll start paying attention if I don’t make my payments. What do YOU think?)
So I call and ask why I’ve been given conflicting information, one day being asked for my YTD Profit & Loss Statement and a few days later being told I’m denied. Here’s what they tell me:
Bank: “We’ll transfer you to the Loan Default department.”
Me: “I’m not in default.”
Bank: “We’ll transfer you to the Eminent Default department.”
Me: “I’m not facing eminent default. I make my payments on time every month.”
Bank: (silence)
Me: “Hello?”
Bank: “Ma’am, I’m afraid we can’t help you.”
Me: “Why did you just tell me a few days ago that you need my year-to-date Profit & Loss Statement?”
Bank: “You can still provide that information to see if you’re eligible for a different modification program.”
Me: “Why didn’t you tell me that instead of sending me the denial letter?”
(For the first entries on my loan mod pursuit, CLICK HERE)
(9/27/2010) In mid-August, I finally sent in my loan modification package. Six weeks later, I heard nothing from the bank. So I called, only to find out that they need a year-to-date profit & loss statement for my business, since as a REALTOR, I’m self-employed.
So, if anyone out there has started your own loan modification, you’d better be relentless in calling the bank for status updates. They won’t call you.

My New Business Partner…

Fireworks 5049
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…is a man!
This weekend I’ve discovered how having a male business partner adds value to our ability to serve our clients when we show property.
Example 1) Walking out to the backyard of a home, I noticed an outdoor sink, which I thought was strange…until the “man” came out and suggested it might be for cleaning fish.
Example 2) Seeing tons of brown marks on the asphalt  on the street led me to believe that a very nice neighborhood had a filthy neighbor…until the “man” suggested that the marks were fireworks stains.
Example 3) He quietly pointed out to me how a retaining wall wasn’t built properly.
Example 4) He knew of a way to get fruit trees to stop producing fruit.
Of course, I’m a girl, I don’t go fishing and I don’t clean fish — and I’m not so juvenile that I’d do fireworks in front of my house when I know they’re illegal.
So! All this to say I’m so relieved to finally have “a man around the house”!

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Preparing Our Home for the Wedding Party

Our August wedding was held at home, the very place we filled with the incoming spouse’s stuff. Who was there for the wedding itself? First, let’s review who was there BEFORE the wedding party took place:

  • pressure washer
  • window installer
  • hot tub maintenance guy
  • housekeepers
  • gardener
  • window cleaner
  • painter
  • flooring company
  • handyman
  • shelving installer

After the party:

  • housekeepers
  • new toilet seat cover

We’ll add more to this post as we remember who else helped to beautify the house for the event. (We’re still on our honeymoon!)

Combining Households

When two adults with fully furnished households decide to merge, what will happen to all their stuff? Get extra storage space or relegate one spouse’s boxed stuff to an unused bedroom?
Sell the excess stuff, place grandma’s vintage furniture throughout the “new” house, fight about what stays and what goes, negotiate, toss ugly shoes, stack mattresses, inundate the beds with all the extra pillows, fight some more…
We’ll probably open a business so we’ll have somewhere to put all the extra furniture and accoutrements!
(Oh, I should also mention that now we have a lifetime supply of various sunscreens and soap.)

Eavesdropping at My Office

We share office space with a property manager and I often hear her talking with her tenants and clients.
Hilarious! The things she has to endure! Backed up toilets, missing fixtures upon a tenant moving out, a tenant insisting they gave her additional money for a security deposit, etc.
This property manager Roberta Thomas knows her stuff. She’s firm with tenants and is very clear and concise about what she expects from both her tenants and the property owners. Her competence is obvious and she’s good at what she does. She’s most certainly in the right line of work.
I love listening to her!