Do banks REALLY want to help with short sales?

I wonder about this one.
 This morning I got a message from a client about their bank asking YET AGAIN for a letter stating that they have no other bank accounts.
Does the bank REALLY want to help with these sellers’ short sale? They’re asking for something that the sellers already provided to them.
Come on!

“Your Child Could Be a Millionaire”

To day I received a message from lender Russell Barto from my Women’s Council of REALTORS group who provided me with the following chart:

According to Russ’s message, this chart shows the growth, compounded at 8% monthly, of an investment of $100 per month beginning at age 4 and ending at age 18, assuming that the investment remains untouched until age 62. This example is hypothetical and does not represent the performance of any actual investment.
Makes me wish my parents taught me to put away the money I made while working overseas in my teens. I used a lot of the money I made calling long distance to the friends I made in other countries. Yikes!

The Aftermath of Halloween at Home

After more than 6 years living in this house, Sunday’s night crowd of trick-or-treaters was overwhelming! 
After our stash of pencils for schoolkids was exhausted, we resorted to giving out packets of popcorn and cans of root beer. (And don’t tell the parents, but I gave a couple of the older kids packets of”wash-off” tattoos, hehe — since they were laying around the house anyway…)
The last overwhelming Halloween was the year I gave out boxes of mac & cheese that the parents LOVED.
Next year I may avoid the stress of trick-or-treaters by shutting the lights and closing the blinds…