Clients We Call Friends

Business, business, business…is it all just business? Absolutely not!

It’s true that we exist in this profession to conduct business and make a living.

However, we’ve had the pleasure recently to help a great couple sell and buy a home — and are proud to call them our friends!

We’re most certainly looking forward to helping them plan their house-warming party. The male part of this business duo (Greg!) is hoping the house-warming party will be held in conjunction with a FOOTBALL GAME!

“Distressed” or “Dissatisfied” Homeowner?

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Yes, there’s a difference, a HUGE difference! Here are a couple examples:
Distressed homeowner: Someone who can not afford the mortgage any more, due to unemployment or other reason for lack of income.
Dissatisfed homeowner: Someone’s who’s unhappy about their home not being worth as much as they want it to be.
Often I get referrals to folks who want to sell their properties. One lady I spoke with told me she was having problems with her home. So, as the attentive real estate professional, I probed to find out what was going on. She went on to give me a plethora of neighbor issues, noise, the fact that her home isn’t worth anything any more and that she wanted to sell it.
In my conversation with her, as much as I wanted to help, I learned that she was not experiencing any “hardship” in the sense of not being able to afford her home financially. She was still employed with no decrease of income since buying the home. Plus, she had no increase in monthly mortgage payments — really, the bottom line was that she didn’t like the fact that her home wasn’t worth as much as it once was.
Welcome to homeownership in 2010! My home’s not worth as much as it was either but I still have a place to live.
I’ll continue to count my blessings…

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Tax Time!

December is a great time to evaluate your year-end tax situation.  As a new business owner, I have really had my eyes opened about how complicated tax rules are.  My daughter, who is a CPA (and an IRS agent) tried to tell me to keep better records.  Next year I’ll know!  Greg and Anna

It would be negligent of me not to mention that not only am I straightening out my own shoe box of receipts, but also Anna’s.  And I thought I was disorganized.  Sheesh! 

So, consult an expert to tune up your financial situation and look at your tax liabilities.  It may be too late for this year, but you’ll be one step ahead for next year.  My business related New Year’s Resolution:  stay on top of our finanical record keeping!