Road Trip Day Two: Chico, CA to Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon! The only other time I’ve heard Bend referenced was when we had discussions about the Hayward Air Rally ending up in Bend! After we tried calling several spas for a couples massage necessitated by a long, butt-numbing road trip, we gave up on the and decided to stuff our faces instead.
One thing I noticed that Bend had in common with Chico was its monochromatic nature, so we decided to somewhat make up for it by having dinner at a place called “Boken”, which I joked was “ho-boken” without the “ho”. It was an Asian restaurant, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My trepidations were akin to avoiding “fresh seafood” dishes when ordering in a  dusty desert diner. We arrived and what we found was a trendy, open-kitchened place where it was obvious that snazzy cocktails and beautiful people hung out.
We (or rather, I) ordered Lobster Gyoza with Miso Butter Sauce, Lumpia Shanghai with Prawn and Pork and Sweet Chili Sauce (though we couldn’t taste the prawn) and Thai Beef Salad with whatever “Nam Jim” is. My husband the Tofu-Eater ordered the Pan Seared Tofu with Korean Chili, Scallions, Soy & Garlic.
Unfortunately, the Korean Chili from the tofu (yiek!) killed his taste buds and he couldn’t taste or enjoy the rest of the food. That was fine by me — less for him, more for me! Save for the tofu, the food was absolutely superb!

Road Trip Day One: Hayward to Chico, California

Being on vacation makes us think about life’s possibilities in ways we wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunities to ponder. Driving through rush-hour traffic, cow pastures and desolate landscapes all in the span of a few hours might suggest that one went through a sci-fi time warp.
Indeed, this was a bit of a time warp. We traveled to a place I visited only once before in my life, back in the days when my brother attended Chico State University. However, the place had a different meaning for my husband, who was the former City Manager of Chico only a few short years ago.
It was an interesting visit. First, it was hot. In spite of the heat in Chico, I noticed that everything was lush and green. And clean! We stopped by City Hall, walked through the downtown plaza, had dinner outside at Tres Hombres and visited the little candy shop around the corner where I was mesmerized by Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on their television screen.
It was amazing what I learned about Chico through my husband’s experience there. Sierra Nevada Brewery, Feather River Door Manufacturer, Chevron and Enloe Medical Center were among the largest/most notable companies who’ve chosen Chico as their home.
Personally, I need to live in a place where water is nearby. The Sacramento River is nearby and creeks are all over the place — they even dam a creek into a swimming pool during the summer! Even so, there’s nothing like living in the bay area where the shoreline and the expansive ocean are nearby.
We topped off our Chico visit by having breakfast at Morning Thunder, a little diner where Greg said the owner has always been very supportive of the community. Those are the kinds of businesses we want to support! We also stopped by a real estate office to make contact, so if you need a good agent in Chico, let us know!
NEXT STOP: Bend, Oregon

Fun Fremont Fact: Sister-City Relationships With Whom?

Ever wonder why the bay area has such awesome restaurants?
Let’s just say that international diversity has a lot to do with it. The City of Fremont has sister-city relationships with the following worldwide cities:

  • Puerto Penasco, Mexico – Since 1971
  • Fukaya, Japan – Since 1979
  • Horta, The Azores, Portugal – Since 1987
  • Lipa City, Philippines – Since 1992
  • Jaipur, India – Since 1993

What’s your favorite food?

VIRTUAL PHOTO TOUR: 3-Bedroom Fremont Townhouse, $212,688

Fremont home is LIVE! Open Saturday 1-4 p.m.

Today I barked orders at my sweetie to “Move this!  Move that!” to stage and photograph this lovely Fremont home this morning.
He Said” “You don’t bark, you chirp!”
(Looking at him sideways.)

"He Said" From the Cave, "She Said" From the Throne

The seller has lived in this home for many years. She and her husband raised their children here and now she’s ready to move to a warmer climate!
CLICK HERE for the Virtual Tour. Come visit us this Thursday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. or Saturday from 1-4 p.m.!

Stressful House

Have you ever walked into a place and thought “what a waste”? We experienced this when we visited a well-known historical property earlier this week.
Yikes! So much frivolity! Stairs leading to nowhere, rooms that had never been used, umpteen steps leading to a place three feet above your head, columns installed upside down, a front entry door that only one person was ever allowed to travel through, stained glass that little light ever hit and whole wings of the property that had been boarded up for years…
It is said that continuous construction occurred at the property 24 hours a day for 30 years!
You may have guessed that the property we visited was the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.  I walked out of that property feeling tension in my shoulders that I couldn’t easily shake. It may have been due to being exposed to the fact that the woman who once owned the home was disturbed and perhaps I felt sorry for her. Or maybe I was just mad because I don’t have all that money to waste…
My husband, on the other hand, looked at the bright side of the home’s history. The former owner paid her staff twice the going rate at the time and therefore provided jobs for many people and housed their families as part of the deal. 
My argument was that so much more good could have been done. For example, there was one room that had amazingly detailed hardwood floor work. How about starting a trade school to teach people how to lay such a magnificent floor?!
One good thing about our visit to that “crazy house” is that this weekend, my husband cleared out boxes that had been stored in one of our extra bedrooms. The “Stressful house” visit we made during the week prompted my dear husband to make better use of the space we have in our own home.
Life is good!