Short Sales v. Foreclosure: Help Maintain Values

If you know someone who is having trouble hanging onto their home, please encourage them to look at the short sale route.  Why?  First, there are definite benefits for most folks in going with a short sale rather than a foreclosure (credit scores, taxes, timing, etc).  Another advantage accrues to your neighborhood by keeping home values from further deteriorating as compared to foreclosures.  We all know prices are down, but the impact of a foreclosure on your neighborhood is far more dramatic than a successful short sale.  See the attached article for more information
We have short sale expertise, having worked with Chase, B of A, and Fremont Bank to name a few and are getting the deals closed in as little as 60-90 days.  We can talk with you or your friends/neighbors confidentially to move through the process smoothly.

Can 100+ people fit in 900 sq ft of space?

Our ribbon-cutting celebration on August 25th brought in over 100 visitors to enjoy our office and each other’s company. We had spill-over into the parking lot and hallway throughout the evening. For a few more photos, CLICK HERE.
There was food from our favorite local businesses:
Rickshaw Express egg rolls with sweet & sour sauce
The Mexican on A Street provided the best, freshest, most delicious salsa ever!
Sugar Bowl Bakery Madeleines & Brownie Bites (our official Open House treats)
Several dignitaries attended, including Mayor Michael Sweeney, City Councilman Marvin Peixoto and Chabot/Las Positas Trustees Dr. Hal Gin and Dr. Marshall Mitzman.

Our Ribbon-Cutting and Reception to Celebrate!

To celebrate the new ownership of Anna May & Greg Jones, we’re holding a joint ribbon-cutting and reception with the Hayward and San Leandro Chambers of Commerce!  Join us on Thursday August 25th from 5-7:30 p.m. at:
Realty World Neighbors
22470 Foothill Blvd., Suite C (corner of A Street off the rear parking lot)
Hayward CA 94541
Agenda as follows:

  • 5:00 Hayward Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting
  • 5:30 San Leandro Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting
  • 5:30-7:30 Reception with light refreshments and soft drinks

To be on the Guest List, RSVP to Anna May or Greg Jones

New Downtown Businesses

In partnership with Gary Wimp, Saratoga Properties, Greg Jones of Realty World Neighbors has recently brought two new businesses to the Downtown Hayward B Street corridor area.  The first new business called “Vintage Alley” will be located at 1037 B Street, opening in September 2011.  Taking up about 1500 square feet near Cinema Place, the rockabilly clothing store and salon is sure to be a unique addition to our downtown for years to come.  Still available is another 1200+ square feet at this location.  Several prospective tenants have recently expressed interest in the location.
The second new business, which just signed a long term lease for about 1000 square feet on Mission Boulevard between A and B streets, will likely open by the end of the year.  They don’t have a business name yet, but they will provide day spa/massage therapy services. 
We look forward to many new small retailers attracted to the downtown in the near future! In spite of the economy (read article featuring Greg Jones and Anna May about the downtown), smart, gutsy people are making things happen.

Smart People Know When to Invest

Despite the lamentations about the economy, there are still people investing in our communities! Let’s make sure to support the folks who are putting their life savings into opening up a business…

Tax Assessment Appeal Successes

Every year around this time, we receive numerous requests to assist property owners with appealing their property tax assessments.
We’ve had very rewarding experiences helping people! Just in the past week or so, we heard from several folks we’ve helped who reported to us that their property taxes have been reduced based on the information we helped to provide to them.
Part of what we love about the business is helping people. It’s not always about buying or selling or leasing property. It’s about service and the value we offer to our communities and the great people who live in the communities that we serve…

The First Sun Spot!

We are pleased to be the first of what we hope are many “Sun Spots”, working with our wonderful Hayward Sun Gallery to display artwork in local offices.  Our first piece, located on a dedicated wall for this purpose, is a beautiful acrylic called “Cosmos Flower” by Christa Schanda.  Stop by to see it when your are near our office at 22470 Foothill Boulevard, Suite C.   Sorry Christa, this photo doesn’t do your work justice, so folks are just going to have to visit for a peek.  Oh, by the way, this piece is for sale by the artist!   

Housing Market Looking UP!

Image by Images_of_Money via Flickr

The East Bay Economic Development Alliance (EDA) July report indicates that the housing market has bottomed out and we are on the way to recovery.  This is good news for homeowners and those looking to buy, as interest rates remain low even during what may be a time of steady and healthy growth in our residential real estate marketplace.  Take a look at their latest report….

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