“He Said-She Said”: It Depends on Your Perspective

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Ok, so we have a new listing on a corner property.  One of my caveman duties in this partnership is to put up the signs at our listings, you know, the ones that everyone drives by to get the phone number off of.  Anyhow, today I put the sign up, after a great deal of hammering, pounding, etc. to get the thing in the ground securely (sigh).  As we drove away, Anna said “You can’t see the sign when driving from this direction.  You angled the sign wrong!”.  I replied “Yes you can, I put it at an angle so you can see if from all directions”.  I’ll confess, when looking straight at the corner, you can’t see either flat surface of the sign, but it is only momentarily invisible….
I’m just guessing, but I bet I move the sign at least once to get it right….at least from her perspective.

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Pretty in Pink?

I’m a girl but my answer is “no”.
This weekend we’re going to paint our newest listing at 2602 Lancaster Road in the Woodland Estates above Cal State University East Bay (Hayward). It will be part of our marketing budget and incentive to get some much needed exercise.
While the hubby is outside slaving away, I’ll be inside the house doing some light staging and taking photos of the interior.
Rest assured we’ll replace the front of the house with an attractive neutral color!

Our Newest Agent!

Fresh from the central valley, Tamika Ellsworth has returned home to her east bay roots!
With a background as a journeyman carpenter, Tamika has a fabulously unique perspective in real estate. She has dived into her east bay involvement by “manning” yet another open house this Saturday, September 24th from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.!
While not in “agent recruiting mode”, we nevertheless appreciated the introduction to Tamika from Realty World Corporate who knew that she would be a good fit in our office based on our shared passion for the community and serving others. There’s also the added common ground of education and media involvement…
Visit Tamika’s website and learn more about her at www.TamikaEllsworth.com!

No, It Is NOT My Responsibility

We love to work with qualified buyers. When we say qualified, we mean that the buyer has been fully pre-approved for financing and/or has proof of funds adequate to close on a purchase.
Of course, there are also other formalities involved in preparing to show property to a buyer client for the first time. The buyers’ valid photo ID, acknowledgement of the different types of agency relationships, and a buyer-broker representation agreement formalizing the working relationship between the buyer and the brokerage involved.
Today a potential buyer client told me that it is MY responsibility to show him property.
No, it is NOT my responsibility unless we’ve entered into a formal working relationship with each other. Plus, this person didn’t show up prepared with his pre-approval letter and proof of funds either.
The agent-buyer relationship is not a one-way street. Agents are not taxi-drivers and door-openers. The best of the best truly professional agents are contract negotiators, market advisors, and protectors of our clients’ interests. Operative words, “our clients’ interests”. This means that unless and until a formalized agreement is entered into, there is no “client relationship”.
He Said: “The guy was just trying to intmidate you into showing him property.”

"He Said, She Said"

She Said: “You know how that kind of tactic works on ME.”
He Said: “Yes, I could only imagine…”
We all have choices on how we spend our time. On a day like today, we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in Tiburon with each other enjoying a deliciously fresh sushi lunch. Life is good!

Ladies of the Moose!

It’s the weekend of 9/11  and I’m proud to say that the Moose club is a very patriotic group of Americans. It’s the major reason I felt so comfortable when I visited for the first time and why I was excited to join.
Dedicated to making our communities better while serving our children and elders is something I’ve been passionate about for a long time…

It Wasn’t a Home Until He Moved In…

I’ve been living in the same house since 2004.
For years, I had no sense of permanency while living there.
The most blatant example of how I avoided any sense of permanency was my refusal to hang up the artwork. I feared of putting holes in the walls.
What else frightened me?
Making a mistake.
Metaphors galore on this discussion but I can say, the house didn’t feel like a home until he moved in. I let him put up the artwork that had been sitting on the floor leaning against the walls for years.
Holes in the walls and all…
I finally felt safe!