Chuck It or Keep It?

It’s the end of the year and we’re in the process of shedding a lot of our crap at home.

"He Said, She Said"

She Said: “I want him to toss out his pointy, shiny shoes from his younger days. And his funky brown shoes and stupid baseball caps too.”
He Said: “I’ll get rid of them if you wear the short, tight clothes that have been sitting in the closet unworn for years.”
Folks, I’ve got to tell you, it is incredibly liberating to shed ourselves of stuff we don’t use any more. Last year we had our house feng shui’d right before the new year started which resulted in an amazing shift in our lives (and our relationship!)  CLICK HERE to read that blog post and CLICK HERE to read about what our Feng Shui Lady said last year about her consultation at our home…
This year, we’re embarking upon a do-it-ourselves clean-up job. It means we’re going through our closets and saying GOOD RIDDANCE to our crap. (Or rather, HIS crap.)
We steer clear of new year resolutions. We’d rather end the year right!

Vintage Alley OPEN for Business

Check out the newest downtown Hayward business, Vintage Alley, located at 1037 B Street.  Vintage Alley features “rockabilly” style clothing, based on designs from the 1940s and 1950s.  Alicia and Alfredo Rodriguez are long time Hayward business owners, and Alicia will continue her hair salon business in the back portion of the retail space.
Greg is pictured here with the owners.  He assisted them in finding just the right retail space in the downtown. For more info, give them a call at 510.537.6105
What a great addition to our downtown!