When Your Home Calls Out For Help

What happens when the home is neglected? It will scream out for help! This is no different than a teenager misbehaving when parents don’t pay enough attention to them. Spouses/Significant Others start misbehaving too sometimes just to confirm whether or not anyone cares. (Ahem!)
She Said: “While piles of laundry accumulate, the plants are thirsty and the dust is rampant, the universe does not hesitate to send us signs to take notice.”
He Said: “Uh, in this case the plumbing sent us a sign, nothing quite as dramatic as the “universe”.  The kitchen sink and bathroom sink stopped up.”
She Said: “That’s the universe saying TAKE YOUR WIFE OUT TO DINNER!”
Hello!! Anybody home??   Take some time to slow down and take care of your home, whether you own it or rent it. You’ll feel a lot better about other aspects of your life when the home is at peace…

Hayward Arts Council Reception

Friday, February 3, 5-7pm.  Hayward Chamber of Commerce Office, 22561 Main Street, Hayward.  Another great reason to visit downtown Hayward!
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