Another Buyer In Contract!

We just got yet another buyer into contract today for a beautiful town home in the Hayward hills…this is her first home purchase, so it is all very exciting for her and us!
Even though it is a seller’s market, we continue to have success for our buyers!  Another first time buyer closes escrow early next week, and another of our first time buyer clients closed just a few days ago, all right here in Hayward…it can be done!
We absolutely love working with first time buyers…what could be more fulfilling than helping someone purchase their first home.  It’s an experience they (nor we) will ever forget!

Gallery Wall at Realty World Neighbors, Downtown

The Realty World Neighbors Gallery Wall now features original photography from local student Eileen Syrop. Now 14 years old, Eileen grew up in the east bay. “I try my hardest to find the beauty in simple things, and when I find it, I love to take photos to capture that beauty,” she says.
Beside photography, Eileen enjoys film editing, cooking, and playing the piano. One of her main influences is her mother, who was an art teacher in Taiwan.
Visit our downtown office to enjoy her photography for a limited time!


Did you know that here in Hayward we have had less than one month’s inventory of single family homes for over 12 months?  What does this mean?  That there are significantly more buyers than sellers right now, fueling price increases that haven’t been seen since 2006.
Why is this important information?  If you are thinking of selling, strike while the iron is hot…if the past is any indicator of the future, then this market condition will equalize before we realize it, and sales will level off.  Time to hop on if you are thinking of making a move in the next few months.

Did You Know?

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Attached in Hayward

Wow… and you thought single family home prices have gone up dramatically (which they have) over the past 12 months.  How about condos and townhomes?  How much do you think they have gone up in the past 12 months in Hayward???
1.  19%
2.  33%
3.  41%
4.  58%
If you answered 33%, you would be correct for single family homes.  For attached property units like condos and town homes, average prices went up a whopping 58% in the past 12 months.  Wow!  The market is recovering rapidly….

Median Prices — Hayward: March 2012 to March 2013

For single family homes in Hayward, price appreciation over the past 12 months has been impressive.  Many homeowners are getting “above the water line” in terms of what they owe compared to values, and this should result in some more movement of inventory in the coming summer months.  The median home price increased 33.71% in the past 12 months.  
Another interesting statistic…Sales price to List price ratio is 106%, meaning that on average, homes are selling for 6% above the asking price.   This shows the current strength of the seller’s market, as does the average home being on the market only 21 days versus 45 days two years ago.
What does all of this mean?  If you are interested in selling, now is a great time to do it!

Median Prices–Castro Valley

Schools, schools, schools.  The pressure on housing in communities with a strong school system and high performing schools is heating up again as the market also heats up.  Castro Valley has enjoyed the highest 12 month increase in median prices in the area.  Median prices in February 2012 were $379,000.   What do you think median prices in February 2013 were?
1.  $468,000
2.  $522,500
3.  $495,000
4.  $504,000
You guessed it!  The median price in February was $522,500, up nearly 38% over the 12 month period.  We will provide March to March data soon, but you can certainly see the trend.  And congratulations to Castro Valley schools in helping your community’s property values stay strong!

Attention Sellers! Homer Buyers on the Prowl

San Mateo-Hayward Bridge crossing San Francisc...
San Mateo-Hayward Bridge crossing San Francisco Bay, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Buyer Clients are anxious to find the following:
1. Nurse seeks “urban living” condo or townhouse under $400,000 in the Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo or Oakland areas.
2. Veteran of the United States Navy and his wife seek a single family home under $500,000 with enough space for entertaining.
3. World traveler seeks a single family ranch-style home near the San Mateo – Hayward bridge around the 880/92 interchange. Must have a 2-car garage with enough space for recreational vehicles.
1. First-time Buyer Clients and new parents of a 9.2 lb. baby boy born earlier this week will be closing escrow on their new home tomorrow.
2. First-time Buyer Clients in contract on a home with 3% credit from seller for closing costs. (Yes, this does still happen!)

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