Yet another Historic Prospect Hill home sold!

Prospect Realty World Neighbors’ Anna May, Greg Jones and Associate Simon Wong helped negotiate the purchase of this Historic Prospect Hill home!
This neighborhood has a very active neighborhood association that helps keep up the quality of life for its residents. This 1438 square foot home built in 1920 recently sold for $525,000.
Our agents actively promote the Prospect Hill neighborhood. CLICK HERE for an article written by Simon Wong quoting Anna May and mentioning Greg Jones who are both Prospect Hill residents. Anna May currently serves as the neighborhood association president; Greg Jones is a past President.

Solar System Installed: No Pansies Allowed!

“He Said, She Said

We like to tell the tales of ourselves being guinea pigs for various projects around our own home. These stories are all true, of course, and we hope they serve to encourage our readers to feel empowered when they’re improving their own homes. Here we tell of our experience with installing “the solar system”. Please share your comments and experiences too!



He Said:
“Ya know, when I was a kid, I loved studying the solar system…back when Pluto was still a planet.
Now, we are putting a solar system on our roof!  Wow, how things have changed.  Not only are we putting the whole solar system on our newly shingled rooftop, but a high speed charger in the garage for of all things, an electric car.  I have followed solar power and electric cars for some time now, and while intrigued, it just didn’t pencil out to make the leap.  Well, now it does.  With a 30% Federal Income Tax Credit (yes, credit right off of your tax bill) and price declines for panels and inverters, our system payback for our 3.45 kw, 15 panel system is less around 6 years.  I even had the system over-sized to accommodate our future charging of the aforementioned yet-to-be-owned electric car and air conditioning.  Hey, since we are moving toward a net zero footprint, we might as well live it up a bit.
“Can’t wait to have free, clean electricity for the rest of my life…what a deal.  And I have had so much fun learning about the solar system again!”
She Said:
“Just make sure the electric car is not one of those pansy-looking electric cars!”
The company we hired is a bay area-based business called Silray. ( here they answer a few questions so our readers can be clued into what we have:

1. What exactly is being put in? (Including new roof, electric car charger in garage, etc.)
  • Roof upgrade (The work included new gutters and downspouts.)
  • 15 SilRay solar panels & all supporting components for a 3.45 kW-DC solar array
  • Level 2 Electric Car Charger (Don’t laugh but our garage still has 1920’s manual carriage doors.)
2. What are the long-term benefits of solar?
  • Avoid utility price volatility
  • Significantly reduce your CO2 footprint
  • Savings on your utility electricity bill – get credited on your bill for all solar generation, at peak-hour rates.
  • See benefits of solar for the 25-30 year lifetime of the system
3. Based on our electricity usage, how much can we anticipate saving on utility bills?
  • The array is designed to cover just about 100% of your current electricity usage ~5,000 kWh/year. 
  • Year 1 savings: Entire PG&E Bill
4. What’s the anticipated time for return on/paying off the investment?
  • We anticipate 6 year payback once converted to electric heating and car.
Now, about that electric car…