Soft Launch vs. Hard Launch

Rolling_Ridge_Available_Soon_CORRECTEDIn this season of spring cleaning, we have several properties we’ve listed that aren’t quite ready for public consumption. Let’s talk about “soft launch” vs. “hard launch” listings.
A “Soft Launch” is what we do to promote a property that is available soon. We spread the word about the upcoming availability of a property to potential buyers as well as fellow agents. Nobody will be allowed to view the property until it is ready, but knowledge of a soon-to-be-available property is a virtue when the inventory overall is low. The sign on the lawn says “Available Soon”.
A “Hard Launch” is what happens when the property IS ready! The Broker Tour is scheduled to entice fellow real estate professionals to preview the property, often with an incentive offered to get them to stop by. Weekend open house events are also scheduled. E-marketing launches and promotes these events to the general public. Our syndicated listings go to hundreds of websites where buyers can find them.
Our current “Soft Launch” listings can be found here:
18977 Thornbury Avenue, Castro Valley
Rolling Ridge Street, Hayward Hills
Seminary Avenue, Oakland (address to be publicized by the end of March)
Get your ducks in order if you want to buy a home!

The Final Countdown for the Refi Blues


(The sunroom at home.)

The year was 2004. It was near the height of the market and I was ready to buy a house. The 1-bedroom condo I had purchased wasn’t making enough of a dent in my financial routine, so I figured the best way to push me to work harder was to buy a house and have a big mortgage payment.
Fast forward a few years when the market dropped. The house was WAY under water, despite putting a healthy 20% down when I purchased it. Still, the mortgage payments were made on time.
Fast forward a couple more years. The home’s value was finally enough to refinance, but the income was not.
Now in 2014, we’ve had a couple healthy years of income behind us and can refinance! We’re so excited to go from 6.375% down to a number in the 4’s! A 15-year loan on top of it too!
The house didn’t appraise at the same amount of when it was purchased but not to worry. We can now pull some cash out to help fix up the house in time for the wedding reception we’re hosting for friends at our house this August.
Life is good!

Short Sale Client Testimonial


Anna May, Greg Jones with Kelly Carter

“Anna & Greg were recommended to me by a mutual friend. The last time I had sold a home, I was not single and the process at first seemed daunting. I had to clear out the home I had lived in for many years and it took a while longer than expected. Anna & Greg were sensitive to this and helped to make me feel comfortable and at ease with the whole process. They offered to help by offering boxes, garage sale signs, etc. and were flexible with the postponement of the home being available because of all the work I had to get done first.
It was a short sale, so in addition to removing a near-lifetime of belongings, I also had to deal with the stress of the short sale that would not have allowed me to benefit from any proceeds. Luckily, Anna & Greg were familiar with short sales and I was able to benefit from a “HAFA Relocation Incentive”  that allowed me to walk away with a few  thousand dollars to help with my transition into a new place to live.
“My experience with them was just wonderful. I highly recommend them!”

Gloria “Kelly” Carter

Special thanks to Diana Cohn of Corner Office for the introduction!