We are definitely in a seller’s market here in the Bay Area.  Prices continue upward and while supply is picking up a bit in the past few weeks, multiple offers are still often the norm for properties priced right.  Attached is an interesting article about just what a seller’s market is and what it may mean to you as a buyer.

What Is In A Name…A Rose is a Rose, Right?

Maybe we can ALL learn something here.  What Is In A Name?  Let’s hope we aren’t reading too much into this….
“We don’t know why real estate agents insist on putting their names and faces all over their signs. Isn’t the property or home the REAL reason you’re calling anyway? We get that they want to be personal, but sometimes the familiarity can with the following realtors. The inclusion of a name like “Dick Balls” or “Ben Dover” can hardly help your sales. And if you look like Rod Stewart (and your name is Rod) you should probably avoid posting your face on the ad, unless you just want to end up on the Internet (too late!). Anyway, we enjoyed these ridiculous REALTORS we found all over the Web. Check them out and vote for your favorite!”  —-Huffington Post
What is in a name……CLICK for some more humorous photos….

Client Testimonial: Shai and Kevin

“My partner and I we’re looking for a house in early August of 2013. We had interviewed a couple of Realtors before interviewing and making the commitment to work with Greg and Anna May. We were referred to them by friends of ours who had worked with them before. One of the reasons we chose them was because they readily provided contact information for their past clients and we liked what they had to say about Anna & Greg’s work. We had done some house hunting on our own and had an idea of what we wanted in our next house. My partner does a lot of trips abroad for business and during our search for a home, he had to go away on one of those trips. I was looking at the houses with Anna and Greg and taking videos and sending them to him through email. These guys (Anna & Greg) know what they’re doing; they know exactly what we were looking for. While my partner was away, he had a heart attack. Since he was out of the country, but near his family, he instructed me to keep going with with the search. Anna and Greg were the most supportive people I knew during that time. 
“They stayed in touch with him and me through email and teleconferencing calls. After deciding on a house remotely, Anna and Greg (with the assistance of one of their associates, Simon), drew up the necessary paperwork for the transactions that were needed and we were in escrow before my partner could medically be allowed to fly back home. Initially, Anna & Greg were proactive in securing a ratified back-up contract on a house that already had a buyer. They went as far as setting up an appointment with the listing agent and the sellers for a personal meeting to entice them to see us favorably as buyers. Although that house didn’t work out, the day my partner came back we had already closed escrow on another house and had keys in hand. And to top it all off, Anna & Greg made a banner up with our pictures welcoming us to our new home after knowing what he went through. They provided food for our housewarming party too. We would definitely rely on Anna and Greg when it comes to our future real estate ventures.”
Kevin Case & Shai Erlich

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