I’m the Bulldog in Our New Office

"He Said, She Said"
“He Said, She Said”

A few days ago we completed the move to our new location. The space is twice as big. Plus, we have private offices, a conference room, a reception area, an “Art Gallery” as well as what we refer to as “The Wedge Room” which really is just a long, irregularly shaped room where we are currently storing our crap. Eventually, a part of it will serve as a community room or meeting room of some sort after we organize it in the coming weeks. We also have the added bonus of a kitchenette and restroom down the hall.
Right now, 3 of the 4 agents in our company are situated in what we call “The Bull Pen”. It’s simply an open seating area where all of our desks are located, where we can bounce ideas off of each other, hear and learn from each others’ conversations as well as generate a lot of laughter.
My desk is outside of the only agent in our company who has his own private office. I am the little woman who gladly sits outside his office, watching over everything. We are business partners and married (to each other). However, I prefer the Bull Pen.
With the current configuration of me being Greg’s “Bulldog”, I have the distinct pleasure of monitoring and protecting him from whomever comes barging in to the office. This is important because I rely on him to help with certain aspects of the business that I don’t like to handle, such as the books. Therefore, interruptions are often not welcome, especially if they have nothing to do with our real estate business.
Ah, the joys of being married to an elected official…

Al and Andy

“We know Anna May and Greg Jones and their brokerage, Realty World Neighbors, because of their involvement in the Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association, their efforts to help maintain the neighborhood’s open space and other projects.
“Our decision to appoint Anna and Greg as co-listing agents (and later as our buyers’ agents) arose because they work on a number of issues and we were impressed by their efforts and contributions. We have found that people who work well when they volunteer also do well professionally.
“Frequent communications kept us informed of progress over the transactions for which we hired Anna & Greg to assist in the Historic Prospect Hill neighborhood. We appreciated Anna & Greg’s attention and time to email, call or text as the sales progressed.
“As sellers, we appreciated the well-coordinated marketing plan for our unique home in the historic Prospect Hill neighborhood. They knew how to price it for the prevailing market conditions, how to promote it to the right groups and took care of all the paper work expeditiously. There were no errors, no last-minute deliveries or problems from the time we listed until the sale closed. We subsequently hired Anna & Greg to list and sell another home for us and we experienced the same high level of competency in that transaction too.
“We were extremely impressed by their knowledge of the market, pricing and their ability to get the word out about our home through their networks, professional organizations and advertising. They were very professional, competent and knowledgeable about real estate in the area.
“We’re delighted to now be in a larger Prospect Hill home and were able to purchase this home in part due to the negotiation skills of Anna and Greg. They negotiated on our behalf for the sellers to pay for repairs before we moved in. We would definitely hire Anna May and Greg Jones again and recommend them to others.”
Al Parso & Andy York, Historic Prospect Hill Neighborhood residents

Move once in a while!

“He Said, She Said”

The best way to be able to sympathize with our Clients is to move every so often ourselves. Just this past weekend we moved our downtown office one block north to a larger location. Even with such a short distance to go, we had the same headaches a homeowner would face:
1. moving all our crap
2. throwing away a lot of it
3. shortage of boxes and fighting over them
4. figuring out what to put where
5. utilities to transfer

I’ve Got a Crush On You

When I bought my house, it was so beautiful that I didn’t care about the “issues” it had.
It didn’t matter that it was high-maintenance, needed constant grooming, cried inside when it rained outside and didn’t cook wonderful meals for me to enjoy when I got home.
Basically, it was an expensive pain in the a–.  It never contributed anything to my life except looking good and certainly attracted its fair share of gawkers.
Might this sound familiar?

Our New Office Grand Opening on Saturday June 28th!


Free Admission! Visit our new Realty World Neighbors office while you’re here!
10:00 am: Official hayward Area Historical Society Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with In Lak’ech
11:00 am – 4:00 pm: Kids activities, Smoothie Bike, Cultural Performances and Music
11:00 am: The Heart of the Bay – history play
12:30pm: Lecture about Guillermo Castro’s Rancho San Lorenzo
2:00 pm: Historic Fashion Show
3:30 pm: The Heart of the Bay – history play
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm: Concert with Billy London and the Lucky Dice
The Exhibit Galleries and Children’s Gallery will open after the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and close at 6:00 pm.